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Using our stunning 'EDGE' rooflight range, the Multipane reduces the need for specialist lifiting equipment and creates a stunning look for larger rooflights


With our edge-to-edge glass technology that stands only 63mm above the upstand, our ultra-modern and sleek style breaks the mould in flat rooflight design. Minimal internal and external sightlines and shatterproof heat soaked toughened glass along with no protruding frames and no water penetrating through fixing points. Fastened from the inside, providing high
performance security with no mastic line around the glass, allowing water to glide off the edge. 

Thermally Efficient

Overall U value (glazing and frame) 1.3 w/m2k. Thermally broken aluminium frame and 6mm solar reflective toughened safety glass externally and 6mm heat soaked low e toughened safety glass internally as standard. This addition gives you peace of mind as it’s very difficult to penetrate from the outside. Providing optimum safety and peace of mind. All of our glass is argon filled complete with warmedge spacer bar providing outstanding thermal efficiency.

Simple Installation

Delivered in one piece, with all its fixing straps already attached, our guaranteed no “extra bits” needed, provides quick and easy installation. Fastened from the inside with no external fixings. Internal plasterboard pocket for easy boarding and
plastering with a 5 degree pitch recommended. With simple installation the frame is usually delivered in one section with all fixing straps attached. These multipane flat roofs are the best option for natural light in larger areas.

Where larger rooflights are required..

the Multipane is the ONE !

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All in 1
U-Value (overall roof)
Heat soaked toughened glass
Laminated glass
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